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I am being told that my condensation trap malfunctioned and caused my furnace tom shut off and not turn on again  when I read this article it appeared that the condensation trap is part of a AC not the furnace
Asked by nancy gain 43 months ago in Appliance Parts | 0 answers
Last answer by Casey in Real Life 55 months ago: From E-How: Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the operating manual for removing the transport bolts and installing the washing machine on a solid, firm floor. Use a spirit level or bubble level to determine when your washer is level. Start with the feet screwed in as far as possible, then ... read more
Asked by Andi Bistro 55 months ago in Home Appliances | 1 answers
Last answer by Teresa Conti 55 months ago: Food processors do a number of neat things in the kitchen.  These are different from food blenders or mini blenders because they have more functions and can handle larger amounts.  For the average family of 4, a 9-12 cup food processor is a good size unless you are raising a football team.... read more
Asked by Lauren Axelrod 55 months ago in Home Appliances | 1 answers
Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 56 months ago: It depends. The admin of Knoji checks if the questions that you have asked and the answers that you have given are of high quality. I think they also check how active you are in the forums. Additionally, most questions and answers should give value to customers or online shoppers. So there are reall... read more
Asked by Dr. Souvik Chatterji 56 months ago in Appliance Parts | 1 answers
Last answer by Donata L. 57 months ago: You can purchase the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor (model #67650) that has a 800 watt motor, for only $59.38 online from   This Hamilton Beach juicer is rated a "Best Buy" by a leading consumer advocacy publication. It easily performs the task of extracting juice fr... read more
Asked by Alex Lawrence 57 months ago in Juicers | 1 answers
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